In this fractured and distracted world, flitting from Twitter feeds to Facebook to text messages, true intimacy is a rare treasure. While our culture is seduced by the illusion of connection through electronic social networks, I try to create real intimacy in my life, to be present with each breath, to completely experience each sight, sound, taste, touch or smell, and to express that with my art. True intimacy requires physical, sensory awareness in the present moment, a felt sense beyond words. It requires us to see with fresh eyes, to see with all of our senses at once. Rather than speeding through life, paradoxically, it’s slowing down that enlarges experience. Our senses allow us to experience the world with the vivid awareness that is key to being completely present and intimate with each moment. My artistic process is an exploration of that intimacy. I’m drawn to complexity, and find “beauty in the details”. All of my senses come into play when I’m painting. I use relationships between color, rhythm, pattern and light to communicate. I blend abstraction and realism, using formal elements of painting and design to evoke a feeling tone, a felt sense of my subject matter. I paint in awe of the wondrous chaos around us.

Design principles must guide every thought and mood while your subject is being smelled, tasted, touched, listened to and looked at. You paint with all 5 senses. You must be emotionally and sensually involved with your subject. —Edgar Whitney