First Place Award and Missouri International Acceptance

Vajra Vision #4 Watercolor on Arches   22" x 22"   ©Kristine Fretheim
Vajra Vision #4 ©Kristine Fretheim
Watercolor on Arches 22″ x 22″

I’m happy to announce my painting Vajra Vision #4 is one of eighty paintings selected by judge Cathy Hegman for the Watercolor Missouri International 2014 Exhibition. The show is open from April 1 through May 16 in the National Churchill Museum, Anson Cutts Gallery in Fulton, MO. Beginning May 25 the 2014 Exhibition will be featured on the Missouri Watercolor Society website along with previous exhibits.

More good news! My painting Hen & Chicks, selected by judge Curt Pederson for the Arts in Harmony 2014 International Exhibition, has received a First Place Award. As the largest international art exhibit in Minnesota, the show received entries from 30 states and 4 countries, and includes multiple mediums ranging from painting and drawing to ceramics and sculpture. The exhibit is open from February 3 to March 27, at the Sherburne County Government Center in Elk River, MN.

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