It was a perfect weekend for an Art Attack— crisp November days and artists’  studios bursting with creativity, welcomed hundreds of art lovers to the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis. Thank you to all who purchased my watercolors and giclées. I know you will enjoy them for many years to come, and I’m grateful for the confidence you have placed in me and my artwork!

Wolf Under A Tree ©Kristine Fretheim
Wolf Under A Tree ©Kristine Fretheim

Art Attack! 2014 marked the debut of my In-Betweens, watercolors that I work on between more realistic pieces. I felt uneasy about showing them because they’re so different from my other work. I confess, sometimes I feel like I’m masquerading as a grown-up. The In-Betweens allow me to drop the charade.

I am happy to tell you that paintings of Wolf and his friend, Lion, have found new homes. They are insatiably curious critters, and shy as they are, I’m pretty sure Wolf and his friends will invite you to go adventuring with them again soon.

My In-Betweens are an exhale. I just let go. I paint with no preconceptions. I begin with an old painting and scrub off most of the paint with a wet sponge. Then I pencil in shapes and glaze one color over another to create new patterns. As the layers deepen, rhythmic colors and patterns dance across the page creating surreal creatures and landscapes. (Kind of fierce don’t you think?)

Wolf's Friend ©Kristine Fretheim
Wolf’s Friend ©Kristine Fretheim

Maybe they are an antidote for my own fears. Painting their kaleidoscope clothes and fierce grins reminds me that no matter how uncomfortable an experience might be, there is always a silver lining. Even in our most frightening, grievous moments, joy is there. Breathe. Rest. And look.

We’re always in-between— waking and sleeping, this breath and the next. There is the space in-between you and me that we call a relationship. Spaces between are vibrant and alive with potential. How do you fill them?

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